The Simplicity Principle Podcast

Want to achieve simplicity in a complex world? Writer and Social Health expert Julia Hobsbawm talks to a range of global figures to find out how to navigate the age of overload with tips, case studies and life stories to help you keep it simple in tough and complex times.

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Data and Human Behaviour

The final episode in series 1 is with Tim Harford, FT columnist, author of 9 books including 50 More Things That Made The Modern Economy and it turns out several of these embody the Simplicity Principle itself. Hear him discuss simplicity in a complex world with Julia.

Public Opinion

How simple is it to know what the public thinks and feels and are business leaders or politicians rewarded or punished by complexity? Hear Deborah Mattinson, founder of strategy and insight business Britain Thinks for some clear-headed answers.

Race and Racism

In the wake of the pain and protest following the racist murder of George Floyd by police in America today’s guest is the writer Elijah Lawal, who answers the simple question: how can racism be stopped?

Truth & Trust In The Media

From Twitter to “the mainstream media” trust is at an all-time low. But how complicated is it to regain it? Julia talks Ro veteran Communications guru Mark Borkowski and Brigitte Trafford of new internet trust service NewsGuard.

Pandemic Networks

Hear acclaimed historian and commentator Niall Ferguson discuss the pandemic from the perspective of network science as we ask: what does the future look like?

Productivity, Food & Retail

A two-for one with award-winning writer Wendell Steavenson and digital guru Tom Adeyoola on both how they keep it simple to stay productive but also how to cut through complexity in the supply chains of the food business and the clothing retail sector. Julia says ‘this episode is like looking through a window at the real world and I loved both my guests’.

Quality of Life

Today hear from the Stirling-prize winning founder of DRMM architects and the Quality of Life Foundation Sadie Morgan OBE about what matters in the built environment and how simplicity is the secret to success.

Science & Medicine

A special episode with Professor Sir Mark Walport, the UK Government’s head of UK Research & Innovation and Jessica Morris, Founder of OurBrainBank (www.ourbrainbank.org) to assess how simplicity can cut through the obvious complexity of science and medicine.

Is Mindfulness Simple?

Historian and commentator Sir Anthony Seldon, and Louise Chester of corporate leadership development group The Potential Project join Julia to talk through Mindfulness and its impact on our values and behaviour.

The Politics of Complexity

This episode looks at the complexity politicians and business leaders face dealing with the gigantic challenge of the Coronavirus, and Julia is joined by Adrian Wooldridge, Political Editor of The Economist and Adrian Monck, Managing Editor of The World Economic Forum.

Ruby Wax on mental wellbeing during Covid19

The celebrated mental health campaigner and bestselling author Ruby Wax OBE discusses coping strategies and finds silver linings from simplicity in this most testing of times.