The Simplicity Principle

"It's the question of our modern times: how to recapture simplicity in our lives so we can once again connect with ourselves. In this book Julia Hobsbawm has given us an answer: by using the shape and pattern of nature. Her six-word mantra - Keep it Simple, Learn From Nature - shows us how we can use the power of the world around us to change our lives for the better."

Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

"Julia Hobsbawm is a fascinating thinker and in this book she teaches us how to live a clearer, simpler life really thoughtfully."

Johann Hari, author of Lost Connections

"I devoured this terrific book. In a world jammed up with hectic pace of life The Simplicity Principle shows an easy roadmap back to calm and control."

Bruce Daisley, former European Vice President, Twitter and author of The Joy of Work and host of the UK number 1 business podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat

"Totally original, beautifully written."

Matthew d'Ancona, Editor Partner, Tortoise Media

"Julia Hobsbawm that Queen Bee of public intellectual thought, shows us how to move from the complex to the simple, improving our lives in the process. Read and reap the benefit!"

Professor Heather McGregor, Heriot-Watt University, Executive Dean, Edinburgh Business School, aka "Mrs Moneypenny" the Sunday Times

The Simplicity Principle book

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